Ongoing social media and content support, whilst creating a new website with built in bookings system and client portal to enable streamlined client contact.

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The brief

Peak Pro Fitness is an established climbing coach and trainer in Sheffield, who needed to elevate their website, content and social media presence. Their old website was broken, and did not integrate with bookings or other apps, whilst their social media was stagnant.

PPF Photoshoot Summer 2018 (71).jpg

the service

A bespoke support package for marketing and content strategy which includes a new website maintainence, photoshoots and newsletter content. The website is built with growth in mind, and we provide ongoing social media and website support to expand as Peak Pro Fitness develops.

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the result

“I can have a meeting with Laura and get all of my ideas out of my head and then let her run with it knowing that she totally understands the brand, the clients and the business and A&D delivers every time! Thanks to the marketing that has happened over the past 3 months I'm now fully booked and have a waiting list for consultations!” - Tim, Owner