You may recognise me as part of Anchor & Dash, the old brand that graced these darling pages… but my dear it’s time for a new look, new name and ALL of me!

So in short, I’m Laura. Laura Rose to be exact (middle name, not a cool stage name unfortunately) and I believe that everyone deserves an online presence which makes them feel proud. My mission statement is simple: building gorgeous businesses through creative, intelligent and authentic digital marketing that feels GOOD.

I’ve worked with such a broad variety of industries, from accountants to personal trainers - and have witnessed first hand in every single industry bosses terrified to use social media or digital marketing for fear of ‘doing it wrong’. My passion lies in digging down to your authentic self and vision, the one that makes you do a little happy dance and pour champagne on your cereal. When a client reports back that I’ve got their voice, strategy and branding on point, I let out a little squeal, and when I see client expansion, billable hours saved and actual bona-fide business growth - I physically jump for joy!

I’m your branding bad-ass and social media whizzkid, and I’ll work with you to hone your message and help you get confident to present your business to the world. With coaching and strategic marketing guidance, you’ll come away knowing what to say, where and when. By working with business owners who need my guidance and non-judgemental space space, we get to connect with their authenticity, creating clarity and confidence, and a path ahead. I'm not just a brand coach - I'm a cheerleader, voice of reason, sounding board, honest girlfriend and personal champion. 

I’m inspiringly ambitious, terrifyingly organised and an indefatigable pompom waver, so just bring me your goals and let’s tackle them from the ground up together. If you want to track me down out of the office you can usually find me in a local bookshop, walking the dog or discovering all the cool indie cafés nearby. Ping me a DM, and we can be best mates yeah?