It's time to step into your own magic universe, and shed the dust of your past patterns and insecurities.

I want you to Grab the doughnut, put on your dancing shoes and stop saving things for 'best' or until 'one day'!

Laura Rose Creative - Brand Messaging, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Creative Coaching - Sheffield

I'm that honest friend that goes with you to the pub, and says "Girl, let's unpack that. What do you REALLY want?!"

I'm gonna shine a light on your barriers, but I'll also bring the pompoms and highfives for the effort you are giving simply by showing up day after day. 

My passion lies in digging down to your authentic self and vision, the one that makes you do a little happy dance and strut like a supermodel. Come and unlock those fears that are holding you back, recognise your potential, explore motivations and identify practical ideas that will enable your inner queen to shine. 

Everyone needs a coach. It doesnt matter whether you are a basketball player, a tennis player, gymnast or a bridge player
— Bill Gates

A study has found that 65% of female CEOs from large companies, realised that they could be a CEO ONLY after someone told them that they were capable of being one. It's also been shown that we perform better AUTOMATICALLY when we have a coach by our side.

We naturally rise to the expectations of those around us and who we work with - Just like strutting your best walk when you know you’re being watched, or performing your best show when you have an audience.

I’ll show you exactly what your potential can feel like, until your life becomes your catwalk. I’ll unravel those confusing and chaotic thoughts that are whizzing around in that magificent brain of yours, and clarify them into exciting, innovative inspiration. How we see ourselves is a major factor in what we can achieve - and I am here to show you exactly what I see: a brilliant entrepreneur just DYING to get out there and shine.

Choose from the following coaching options:

  • 1-2-1 Coaching - You are given space to unlock your potential, explore motivations and identify practical ideas that will enable professional development on a deeper level. With guided conversation in a non-judgemental, offline and respectful space, it is a beautiful opportunity to take time to reflect on your work, targets, hopes and dreams for the future in a safe environment. Delivered face to face or via video call.

    90 minute 1-2-1 kickstarter : £89 or 3 session series: £249

  • Quick Start Social Media Consulting - I will run your social media analytics, email marketing and website stats for you and present them in a useful way so you can see exactly what’s working… and where to focus. In a 2 hour 1-2-1 session we will identify your strengths and weaknesses and give you the knowledge to continue improving. By delivering your analytics, alongside custom guidance and advice for you, you will be ready and armed with an action plan so that you are focused on your campaigns: £249

  • 3 Month On Demand Genius - This is the whole strategy and coaching shebang. For 3 months, you get fortnightly 1 hour coaching calls to help you dig under the skin of your wishes, a strategy to turn those dreams into plans, and to keep you on track I’m on call for the whole time to support, advise, and generally be your cheerleader and sounding board. 3 month package: £799

What previous clients have shouted about their coaching sessions …