The Best Times to Post on Social Media


We are having a FABULOUS week so far, fully unpacked in the new office (you can see more on our Instagram Stories) and have some very exciting meetings in the pipeline! 

The sun is still hiding away, but next week is a Bank Holiday so there's hope yet! 

Today we have a really short, sharp helpful post for you all. We understand that it's not always possible to post daily, and until you can get help to stay present all the time, you have to be picky about what, and when, you share online. Consistency is key...! 

It isn't enough to post content whenever you feel like it... but there's no on-size fits all of when to post either. Annoying. 

The best timing depends on: the platform, your audience location, your goals and your community. So, here's the best times to get the best out of your bare minumum:


Wednesday, Thursday & Friday - 12pm - 4pm
Weekends - Midday

People use Facebook at work, home and out and about. The closer the weekend is, the more people check out, and check into, Facebook



Monday - Friday - 12:00-6:00pm

Twitter is most popular during short breaks, like down time at work an don the commute. Click-through rates are higher during weekdays and work hours.




Built for mobile devices, users are online everywhere, all the time! One for spontaneity! 



5 - 11pm weekdays & Saturday mornings

Pinterest users are predominately female, and are most active in the evening so post when people have more time to sit back, relax & pin.

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Laura Cutress