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By working on your branding, marketing, social media, copy and imagery I will polish your presence so that you can step up and share it to the world with a grin.

I love working world-wide with people who have something important to say, a purpose to share or passion to make a difference, and as a coach and mentor I will ask you all the right questions to discover the delicious details and confidence you are holding inside.

I’m your brand advocate, architect, story-teller, translator and cheerleader

I’m passionate about helping businesses and people be visible online in a way which feels good to them. By crafting your brand from the ground up I match beautiful aesthetics with intuitive design to create a brand and website that reads like your business look-book.

I work with heart-led businesses to unpick their passions and distill it into a brand and social media presence that thrills them, and will translate your values and story into a message so enchanting you’ll want to take it on a date to find out more!

Everyone should have a voice which makes them feel proud, and I’ll bring my step-ladder and give you a boost to the top, arming you with a loud-speaker on the way so that you can shout about your brand from the rooftops.

I’m your chealeader gal-pal, ready to shine a light on your barriers, but I'll also bring the pompoms and highfives for the effort you are giving simply by showing up day after day.

So what do you say?!

Always one step ahead and allow us to focus on our products and projects! Definitely check Laura out!
— AWOL Snowsports


how i can help 


Coaching & Strategy

It's time to step into your own magic universe, and shed the dust of your past patterns and insecurities. I want you to grab the doughnut, put on your dancing shoes and stop saving things for 'best' or until 'one day'!

My passion lies in digging down to your authentic self and vision, the one that makes you do a little happy dance and strut like a supermodel. Come and unlock those fears that are holding you back, recognise your potential, explore motivations and identify practical ideas that will enable your inner queen to shine.


content & social media

Finding the time to keep up with the curve on social media can be challenging. Let me manage your accounts for you so that you can get back to doing what you love.

I'll take your brand voice and establish a consistent presence you can be confident in. I can set you up with the right content that will enable you to drive forwards and be heard, and can help to grow your accounts organically, generating higher engagement and more effective reach.


brand & web development

This is the ultimate pep-talk and kick up the bum you need to present your brand to the world with a grin. I'll work with you to match those beautiful brand stories to the people that make your heart sing.

Let me take you on a journey that will dive deep under the skin of your business. I want you to feel clear and confident in your brand, unique style and voice. Branding isn't all about pretty colours and a logo, though it's a good place to start.

Google Certified, I can support your campaigns in their entirety

Not only has Laura helped to get us active on social media, she has really helped how we think about ourselves and our business - we have so much more confidence now putting ourselves out into the big world!
— Charm Event Directors

Let’s Chat 


Want to get in touch and find out more about what I do? Got a question I can help with? Want to find out who my favourite Instagrammer is or what icecream I like?

Drop us a line.

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